AP Courses - $390/month*

We offer the following AP classes:

a) AP Biology
b) AP Chemistry
c) AP Physics
d) AP Environment Science
e) AP Human Geography
f) AP Psychology
g) AP World History
h) AP US History
i) AP English Language & Composition 

* Auto Debit and 30 days written notice required.

AP Practice Tests - $28/test

We administer, grade and scale the test. Plus, provide detail printed explanation of the answers.

a) AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, 2, C
b) AP Calculus AB and BC

c) AP Statistics
d) AP Environmental Science
e) AP English Language & AP Literature
f) AP Human Geography
g) AP US History & AP World History
h) AP United States Government & Politics
i) AP European History
j) AP Microeconomics
k) AP Macroeconomics
l) AP Psychology

Test + Review = $199/Test