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MyExamsPrep is a tutoring center founded in 2015. We provide an enthusiastic learning atmosphere with personalized tutoring solutions.

We excel at communication with students and parents; and ensure that their feedback is incorporated in the learning process. Student's progress is planned, tracked, and discussed throughout the coaching process with students and parents.



Study for a SUCCESSFUL future. 

Professional Service

As experts in our field and leaders in our industry, we’re committed to upholding the highest standard of service for all our customers.

Personal Approach

We take the time to get to know our Students, their strengths, and weaknesses, ensuring effective tutoring.


All of our teachers are are highly qualified and experienced ensuring quick and improved results.


MyExamsPrep helped me a lot with studying for the SAT. I had a lot of practice and resources that allowed me to understand what I would be tested on and how to handle each problem.


My daughter enrolled in MyExamsPrep for SAT preparation. There couldn’t have been a better choice. She has gotten personalized attention, with her progress planned, tracked and discussed throughout. I highly recommend MyExamsPrep to anyone wanting to give a head start to their children.

Testimonial 2

MyExamsPrep’s teaching method aligns with student’s needs. It is customized based on student’s current abilities and strives to improve that base point. I highly recommend MyExamsPrep to anyone wanting to give a head start to their children.


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