High School Tutoring

Unlimited High School Tutoring at $390/month

We offer the following math classes:

a) Pre-Algebra
b) Algebra I
c) Algebra II with or w/o Trigonometry
d) Geometry
e) Pre-Calculus or Math Analysis
f)  AP Calculus AB
g) AP Calculus BC

We offer the following AP, academic, and research classes:

a) AP Chemistry 
b) AP Biology 
c) Physics (academic or research) 
d) AP Environment Science 
e) AP Human Geography 
f) AP Psychology 
g) AP World History 
h) AP US History 

We offer the following Language classes:

a) English 9 A & H 
b) English 10 A & H
c) English 11 A & H 
d) English 12 A 
e) Spanish 1 and 2

Unlimited Tutoring 
You can study one or all subjects (listed above) based on tutors' availability on a given day/time 

PS: Not all days/times are staffed with tutors for all the subjects. 

Classes are conducted in a semi-private small group setting
Each class is 90 minutes

$390/month for two classes per week

PS: AP Physics, AP English Language & Composition, AP Literature & Composition, and most foreign languages are not included in the Unlimited Tutoring plan. These classes are available at an extra cost of $75/hour.

* Auto Debit and 30 days written notice required.

AP Practice Tests - $48/test

We administer, grade and scale the test. Plus, provide detail printed explanation of the answers.

a) AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics 1, 2, C
b) AP Calculus AB and BC
c) AP Statistics
d) AP Environmental Science

e) AP English Language & AP Literature
f) AP Human Geography
g) AP US History & AP World History
h) AP United States Government & Politics
i) AP European History
j) AP Microeconomics
k) AP Macroeconomics
l) AP Psychology

Test + Review = $199/Test